Richard Estes

Credibility Cues

The Credibility Cues approach is a new methodology specifically for singers.

Singers are often uncomfortable with “acting” training. The usual theatre games and exercises make them feel uncomfortable. The foundation for this training is the universal basis for gauging credibility and power—the vitality of the 5 senses.


Mr. Estes believes that singers already have what they need to be credible communicators. This three-stage approach follows the classical principles of acting training without specialized jargon and provides an invigorating “jump start” in creating believable portrayals. Fascinating performances are based on keenly perceiving your surroundings, not on attempts to project expression.



Raise the stakes-Enliven the senses
Sense concentration-the key to fascinating an audience.

Move at the speed of reaction
Finding the impulses in real time


Respond to your text before you sing it
The credibility sequence-Impulse, Response, Verbalization

© 2009 R. Estes

Professor John Mount, University of Hawaii, (teacher of Metropolitan Opera baritone, Quinn Kelsey)

“I want to thank you for your excellent master class and also for your contributions to my private lessons. The insights you brought to my students helped to reinforce my efforts and also introduce new concepts to my students. The master class was excellent. We appreciated your efforts here in that you worked with the students’ present knowledge of technique and gave them something that would help improve without making major changes in their techniques. I wish we had been able to have you present your 3-day series. Perhaps we can work this out on a future trip.”

Jonathan Blalock, tenor, Young Artist Program, Fort Worth Opera (To Clyde Berry, Director, Young Artist Program, Fort Worth Opera)

“The master class was great today! Estes had some amazing ideas, and I think it really helped us probe our performances dramatically in a fresh, new way. Thanks for setting up that session.”

Professor Paula Homer, Director, University of North Texas Opera Theatre
“I enjoyed learning what you are formulating into a new methodology and I feel the students can grow from the information!”

Professor Julie McCoy, Director, Texas Wesleyan University Opera Workshop

“Thank you so very much for your work with our Opera Workshop students last week. The students have made many favorable comments to me since then. Several students have said they have been practicing using your suggestions this week. Hey, there’s a ringing endorsement for you!”

"Your 'Enliven the Senses' is now my secret weapon."
Kristin Vogel, Los Angeles

"I just loved the senses work. It really made an incredible difference!"
Jocelyn O'Toole, Brooklyn, NY


Young singers:
“I just love Mr. Estes’s ability to demystify even the most complicated topic.”
“What you said entirely changed my outlook on singing.”
“I personally enjoyed reviewing my arias with Mr. Estes who is an amazing coach.”

“I am still on a high from Fort Worth and the wonderful performances of my GOOSE GIRL and SIGNOR DELUSO. Your training of the students was excellent to witness.”
Thomas Pasatieri, composer

“I wish there had been a program like this when I was developing my own operatic career.”
Darren K. Woods, General Director, Fort Worth